Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

United Kingdom


As with the Plymouth Original Strength Gin, this powerhouse of a Navy Strength Gin, has also been made using the original recipe, since 1793.

The notes in the Navy Strength are the same - but naturally much more powerfull. This means, the notes are very earthbound with a subtle citrus vibe, and long finish from the cardamom.

This Gin, is perfect for Martini's, amazing in cocktails and fantastic as a Gin & Tonic. In other words - another perfect Gin in it's genre.

Note: There is a category of Gin, called Plymouth Gin - where until fairly recently, this Gin was the only Gin in the category. However - the distillery have decided to no longer categorize their Gin, as Plymouth Gin but instead belong to the London Dry category.

This means, that at the time of writing, there is no longer any Gins, categorized as Plymouth Gins. In our Gindex, we have therefore categorized this Gin, as a London Dry Gin.

Another funny thing with Plymouth Navy Strength Gin is, that this is the actual Gin, which named the entire category of "Navy Strength" Gins. Before this Gin, high strength gin, was referred to as "Gunpowder Strength" Gins. However - because of the distillerys close ties to the British Royal Navy, the distillery decided to name the gin "Navy Strength" - a name and term, which later was adopted by many other distillers, and such gave name to the official definition, some years later.

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest
Orange (zest)

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)

Angelika / Kvan
Oris (Iris)

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