As we all know, the garnish is a very important part of the total experience you get, when drinking a Gin & Tonic. 

Besides making your GT look exceptional, you can also use the garnish to influence the flavours and especially the scent you are meet by, both when tasting and smelling the content in your glass. Dont forget, that up to 75% of what you taste, is actually coming from the signals sent by your nose.

Before choosing your garnish, you need to deside the purpose of the garnish for the GT you are planning to make. Do you want something which complements and works with the flavours in the Gin and/or Tonic? Or will you go for something which adds a new - and perhaps missing - flavour or ingredient, in your GT?

Either way - this is your chance to become a home botanist or alchymist, by adding the correct garnish to your drink.

Our advice - don't overdo it... Try to keep it simple, by not adding more than 2 to 3 ingrediences. More than that, tends to produce a more messy result, with all ingredients mixing together, som you can't tell them appart. And one more thing - be carefull not to add to much of one ingredient, as is often does not take alot, before all you can taste is this one ingredient, and nothing else.

Go Garnish - use your imagination, and happy hunting for what works perfect for your taste pallets!

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