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The perfect Gin & Tonic

Probably the question we get the most: How do you make the perfect Gin & Tonic? And thankfully, the answer is very simple - and EVERYBODY can do it without fancy tricks or expensive or advanced equipment.

Whitley Neill Blood Orange

Summer is definately over us, with warm nights on the patio, charcoal in the barbecue and icecubes in the glass! But which gins should you then treat yourself and your friends with, on these hot summernights?  Read on - we goot you covered!

Wölffer Pink Gin & Three Cents Pink Grapefruit

Feel like tasting a gin you probably never have tasted before? Then read this article where we present Wölffer Estate Vineyard Gin that you can taste as February’s “GT of the Month” at Papa Bird in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen and at The Bird & Churchkey in Gammel Strand in Copenhagen.


The italians have really put themselves on the map ginwise, over the last few years, with quite a few really nice new Gins, and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the new and exciting Gins, which is  GINEPRAIO GIN.

Among other reasons, this Gin is interesting because it's a 100% biodynamic Gin, made from very local botanicals and basealcohol - actually all botanicals are collected from the familys lot in Tuscany, and the wheat is harvested in Mugello, close to Firenze in Tuscany. But that's not all - every single botanical used in this Gin, is certified fully traceable, which is very unusual!


Gintossen just LOVE Danish Gin, and were very delighted when we in the beginning of January 2018, was so lucky to be invited to Radius Distillery in Måløv, to spend a couple of hours with Master Distiller Kristian Larsen and the amazingly beautiful Müller Pot Still in the destillery.


A Bramble is a classic cocktail, you really need to check out - otherwise you are gonna miss out on something great...!

Fortunately is really easy to make, and does not necessarily require a lot of preparation. However - if you want to go to heaven and back, you do need to start preparing 3 days before serving :)

Danske Gin og Ginmagere

We just LOVE all the exciting stuff, happening with all the danish Gins – all the small and large distilleries, going all in on enthusiasm, knowledge and love, to create new Gins all the rest of us, can enjoy to the fullest!


Now - when your have gone to a lenght, to match your Gin with the perfect Tonic, there's actually still one more thing, you can do to make sure your Gin & Tonic makes it to the hall of fame – and thats choosing a garnish, which either works perfect with the botanicals in the Gin, or perhaps even helps lifting them to a whole new level.


Are you - just like Gintossen - one of those people, not really in to akvavit and schnapps, and therefore often feels like somethings missing, to kinda help digesting all the fatty elements on the table, at a traditional (danish) christmas lunch? Then worry no more - we have a solution, and not surprisingly, there is Gin involved.....!

Gintossen was lucky enough, to be invited with apx. 15 other guests on friday nov. 17, 2017 to a launch of the 3 new Gins from Nyborg Distilleri - and this turned out to be a really nice evening with equal parts of history, relaxation and tasting of beautiful Gins.....!

Autumn is high season for apples and why not use this with an Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail !!! We promise you that you will become "man of the day" with your guests - and it is easy to make"


One of the most important things, if your Gin and Tonic or drink should look really professional, is that the ice being used is crystal clear. Achieving this, might be easier than you think and has nothing to do with boiling, destilling or filtering water, but something completely different, which is oxygen.

Homemade sugar syrup

This will probably be the easiest recipe, you have ever worked with - but nevertheless one of the most used and important, when making cocktails.

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who is producing amazing spices, which both smell & taste fantastic as well as being produced sustainable, and are therefore extremely suitable for Gin Tonics, and other drinks....!

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