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Gin & Tonic ice, cupcakes...and fish???

Is it going too far making Gin & Tonic popsicle, Gin & Tonic cupcakes or Gin & Tonic trout ??? Well... look for your self...

No doubt that poeple think that serving a Gin & Tonic to their guests is a wonderful thing to do. But is it going too far when you all of a sudden serve a main course made with gin & tonic? Or serving a GT popsicle for dessert? Or maybe a Gin & Tonc cupcake to go with the after dinner coffee / drink? On one hand we admit that it is too much... but on the other hand we find that several of these recipes must be tried...! See for your self and let us know what you think - or even better: Let us know what you think of the recipes once you have made one or more of them :-)

Gin & Tonic popsicle:


Gin & Tonic cupcakes:


Gin & Tonic trout:

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