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The italians have really put themselves on the map ginwise, over the last few years, with quite a few really nice new Gins, and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the new and exciting Gins, which is  GINEPRAIO GIN.

Among other reasons, this Gin is interesting because it's a 100% biodynamic Gin, made from very local botanicals and basealcohol - actually all botanicals are collected from the familys lot in Tuscany, and the wheat is harvested in Mugello, close to Firenze in Tuscany. But that's not all - every single botanical used in this Gin, is certified fully traceable, which is very unusual!

Enzo Brini is a winemaker in Montepulciano, which by many is considered as the heart of Tuscany, and definately the heart of the production of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano as well as many other fantastic wines. 

And Enzo had access to a very old copperalembic still by the name of "Lapo", which he and his family probably have been eying for a while on the wineyard for quite a while, before deciding to restore it and destill a Gin, demonstrating the Tuscan identity, love and soul. Italians are known to have some of the best quality of Juniper, and especially Tuscany have these in abundance. So Enzo just needed to search the familys estate around the wineyard, to find the inspiration and junipers he needed - and that became the base, for one of the most "honest" Gins ever produced.

Besides the junipers, Enzo picked and harvested rosebuds, flowers from the curry plant, angelica root, sweet oranges, corriander and lemons whiche were all submitted to the very strict rules the italians have to the certification of their biodynamic produce. But it is exactly these rules, which is the main reason for the high quality of botanicals, which are not found many other places in the world - and that quality is VERY obvious in the finished Gin.

It is a London Dry Gin, where the junipers are so aromatic and deliscious, that you easily have doubts if this is even junipers at all. But slowly they step forward, together with the angelica, very light notes from citrus, corriander and the rosebuds. But there is also something else, we @ Gintossen had never come across before in a Gin - and thats the flower from the curry plant. It's a note lying in the back all the way, without taking over at any point - but instead giving a extra dimension. We honestly can't find the scent or taste of curry in the Gin, but take it that's because of the skills demontrated by the Master Distiller, at the Deta Distillery in Barberino Val D'Elsa, where the finished Gin has been Distilled.

Efter destillation, hviler ginnen i 2 måneder i mørke, hvor den lige skal "sætte sig" - ikke ulig hvad man kender fra vinens verden, omend man der naturligvis også lader vinen udvikle sig på fadet, hvilken ikke sker med denne gin. 

But the endresult is a Gin, where each and every botanical is balanced so beautiful, that we can both feel the sun as well as taste and smell Tuscany, when we close our eyes and let the Gin pass the pallets on the tongue.

We actually recommend you dring this Gin neat! But - should you need a Gin & Tonic, then please choose a nice Indian Tonic - fx. J. Gasco, Double Dutch or Franklin & Sons, and serve a twisted lemon zest as garnish - and you will have a fantastic GT!

Unfortunately only 2000 bottles have been distilled of this Gin, of which only 120 bottles have been shipped to Denmark. The reason we even got the chance to taste it, is because Kim & Lene Quist from Quist Wine knows - and imports wines from - the neighbor of Enzo Brinis, which is the Tenuta Valdipiatta Vineyard. And Kim & Lene brought with them, during a previous visit here, a bottle of NJORD Gin, which got a lot of attention on the local bar - and when Enzo in september 2017 heard that Kim & Lene again was visition the area, he took contact to them, which lead Kim & Lene to be able to taste and bring back a limited number of bottles of GINEPRAIO GIN, for selling in Denmark.

Funfact: Gin har previously been used as medication, as people were convinced of the healing effect from the junipers. And this fact, have been used by Enzo in the design of bottle and label, which is presented as a bottle of "medication" in the grafic expression. And we could not let this pass unnoted, when we took the picture for this article :)

THANK YOU to Enzo Brini, for having created this amazing Gin, as well as to Quist Wine which have been so kind, to send us a bottle for tasting!

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