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Homemade sugar syrup

This will probably be the easiest recipe, you have ever worked with - but nevertheless one of the most used and important, when making cocktails.

Time: 5 - 10 min.

The list of ingredienses, is very short:

2 parts (cane)sugar - preferable ecological
1 part water

Toss both sugar and water, in a small pot and bring to boil, without heating it to hard, so te sugar starts browning. or changing colour. Whisk slowly while bringing up to boil. After a few minuttes boiling, you turn of the heat and set the pot away to cool.

Tip: Do not try to reduce the sugar, so you end up with a semi thick consistence while hot, as it will thicken even more when it has cooled off. And if it becomes to thick, it will be hard to either stir or shake out, when it joins the ices in your shaker or drink. So better a little bit thin than to thick

After cooling - fx. while still lunk warm, but not burning hot, you can pour the syrup on a small bottle or jug with a lid (skald the bottle and lid before use) and place it in the fridge where it will last up to a month.

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