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How to make the perfect Bramble

A Bramble is a classic cocktail, you really need to check out - otherwise you are gonna miss out on something great...!

Fortunately is really easy to make, and does not necessarily require a lot of preparation. However - if you want to go to heaven and back, you do need to start preparing 3 days before serving :)

The key ingredients in a Bramble, are Gin, Lemon, Sugar syrup & the main attraction - Creme de Mure. And it's the last part, which can make the big difference, if you want a trip to heaven, as most bought versions of Creme de Mure often lacks a bit of "umpf" compared to a homemade. And luckily it's not that hard to make, as you can check out in our article about "How to make Creme de Mure" - you just need to start out 3 days before serving, and place it in a dark cabinet to soak.

When you have everything prepared and ready, it wont take long to assemble things in a glass.

For each cocktail, you are gonna need the following:
4½ cl Gin - for instance a Daffys Gin, which is a bit minty in its expression. Other non-juniper forward Gins will work as well, like Malfy con Limone or Boodles Gin which are both beautiful in a Bramble.
2½ cl sugar syrup
1½ cl lemonjuice
2½ cl Creme de Mure
Crushed ice in a apprx. 30 cl lowball glass
4-5 cubes of ice for the shaker
A few blackberries and a sprig of mint for garnish

How to assemble:
Chuck the Ice, gin, sugar sirup & lemonjuice in the shaker, and shake for 20-25, secs until freezing cold!
Fill a lowball glass above the edge with crushed ice, and strain the shaker over the ice.
Pour Creme de Mure over the top, and garnish with blackberries and mint.


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