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Apple & Gin Autumn cocktail

Autumn is high season for apples and why not use this with an Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail !!! We promise you that you will become "man of the day" with your guests - and it is easy to make"

The combination of the light acidity from the apple and lime, the sweetness from the homemade honey syrup, the spicy cinnamon and a hint of thyme does not only look good - it taste darn right heavenly! The amount of cinnamon you use determines how much you want to think of christmas, but apple and cinnamon has always been a winner - and that goes for this one as well.

For this cocktail you need:

5 cl gin (this time we used the Scottish gin, Caorunn)
5 cl apple cider
2,5 cl honey syrup (heat 1:1 water and honey in a pot until all honey is dissolved and cool it down)
1,5 cl lime juice

...a pinch of cinnamon, fresh thyme and a splash of minaral water so it doesn't become too overpowering in taste. Shake it in your shaker with ice - taste and adjust to your liking - pour it into a glass filled with crushed ice and small apple sticks. Wake the thyme by giving it a good smack so the fresh smell is released. Do not serve the cocktail with a straw as the smell of thyme is a vital part of the experience! The smell of apples, the fresh thyme and cinnamon is a "pre warning" of what awaits you: A lovely autumn experience (or a "warning" of christmas to come you you have been gentle with the cinnamon... don't say we didn't warn you of the sneaky christmas feeling)

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