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Gin for Christmas lunch?

Are you - just like Gintossen - one of those people, not really in to akvavit and schnapps, and therefore often feels like somethings missing, to kinda help digesting all the fatty elements on the table, at a traditional (danish) christmas lunch? Then worry no more - we have a solution, and not surprisingly, there is Gin involved.....!

Actually - its very simple, when you think about it. But maybe you need a few hints and pointers, or just a few words about how little it takes.

Gin in it self, can easily be a part of the christmas lunch, without any other fuss. However - if you want to lift the experience above average, consider doing like this:

Make yourself a nice openfaced sandwich (smørrebrød), as you normally would, on a nice rye bread and a bit of flavoured lard. On top you place a few fillets of your favourite herrings - we really like the fillets from Christiansøpigens sild (danish manufacturer), but you can ofcourse use others as well. Garnish as you normally would, using red onions, and maybe even capers and dild, like we do. And now to the main attraction - you need to carefully drip 8-10 drops of gin, on the herring as well as sprinkle crushed junipers on top, either crusning and/or chopping them finely on your cuttingboard with a big knife, or run it through you peppermill. 

If you choose a smooth and dry Gin, and some delish dried junipers from Mill & Mortar, which are packed with flavour, you have now created a virtually unbreakable tie between the herring/sandwich, and the Gin & Tonic you ofcourse will be drinking as company for your lunch. Don't forget to garnish your Gin & Tonic, with a nice sprig of dild, and perhaps even a juicy strip of orange zest, if this fits to the Gin you have chosen.

Just a little tip: try selecting a dild, which has a bit of scent and flavour. If it feels like, the scent from it is not really that powerfull, try hitting the sprig against the edge of the table a few times, to "wake it up a bit". And abouth the Gin - many Gins will work great for this, but we have chosen and tested the gin from  "De 5 Gaarde" called "Schackenborg Dry Gin", and this one is PERFECT for the job!

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