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How to make the perfect Gin & Tonic

Probably the question we get the most: How do you make the perfect Gin & Tonic? And thankfully, the answer is very simple - and EVERYBODY can do it without fancy tricks or expensive or advanced equipment.

Basically a Gin & Tonic, is a pretty simply drink, when it comes to it. A little Gin, some Tonic, ice and a bit of windowdressing - or what you call Garnish. But if it's true, that it's really that simple, then why do we get all these questions again and again?

Perhaps it's because that Gin & Tonic - like breadmaking, making the perfect steak and creating the perfect tomatosauce - can be optimized with very few remedies, and have a vast effect on the endresult. Actually we are claiming, that you can make a nice Gin & Tonic, but just by implementing a few tips, instead can make a BRILLIANT Gin & Tonic, with exactly the same ingredienses.

First of all - as you probably know already, Gin is not just Gin, and Tonic is not just Tonic. There is sweet Gins, dry Gins, powerful Gins, smooth Gins and exactly the same can be said about Tonics. So a large part of "the secret", is to establish which Tonics works best/good, with the Gin you have in your hands - or vice versa ofcourse.

This is a thing to can find information about, on the website, or our Instagram and Facebook profiles. But also apps like Ginventory, can be a really good source of information, if you got hold of a Gin you have never tried before.

Also - you need to know a thing about the ice you use - or more acurate, the amount of ice you use. Far to many have a misunderstood perception, that you really shouldn't add to much ice to a Gin & Tonic, because the drink would otherwise be "to weak" eller "diluted" when the ice has melted. And this is as far from the truth as possible, because the truth is, that the MORE ice you use, the cooler the drink stays which means much less ice is melting, and diluting your drink.

So - first step is, to completely FILL your glass with ice. If you like us, have a problem producing enough cubes to a party, then consider buying the icecubes in your local supermarked, on a gasstation or McDonalds, and store them in a cooler - and they will easily stay cool all night, if you keep the lid on the box as much as possible.

The next thing you need to know is, that there is a "sweetspot", where every Gin & Tonic tastes perfect. And this "sweetspot" can typically be found somewhere around 1 part Gin to 2-3 parts Tonic. Taste is obviously different from person to person, and you you can ofcourse adjust the ration between Gin & Tonic, to your liking. BUT - you HAVE TO use a "jigger" (read: measure), to control exactly how much Gin you chuck in the glass - and will be able to repeat the same ration again and again.

Like mentioned, we recommend 1 part Gin to 3 parts Tonic as a place to start - this usally works for most people. So pour one part Gin over the ice in the glass, and then you stir the Gin and ice for 15 secs. We use glasses containing apprx. 30cl. and when filled with ice, the perfect ratio is 4-5cl. Gin to 12-15cl Tonic.

Now for the Tonic. Note that the Tonic will always foam up, when hitting the ice. So, if you like us would like to keep some of the carbonic acid in the drink, then try to hit a "hole" between the cubes or gently pour along the side of the glass, and then gently stir the drink afterwards. Somw would probably use a barspoon, and the pour the Tonic along the twisted shaft. If you think this helps, then by all means do it. To us it really dosen't make a difference, so we stopped doing this.

Now just one thing is missing - the garnish in your drink....! And this is where you can change your drink from being nice, to being LEGENDARY :)
First taste the Gin neat, and pay attention to which notes stands out - tastewise that is. Often you will be able to recognise or sense botanicals like juniper, citrus, orange and perhaps also berries or spices, depending on the Gin you have in the glass. Also have a look on the label on the bottle, and see if the producer have written anything about the content. Ofcourse - also check gintossen.dk or Ginventory, where you will be able to find information about most Gins.

You should now have a feeling about which botanicals the Gin is made on. And perhaps you are more fond of some of the identified botonicals than others, and wish to build on or enhance the expression of these. This is exactly what the garnish should be used to do, besides making your drink look even more attractive and delishious.

Remember - you have to use the BEST possible quality, when selecting your garnish...! This means Dvs. non-sprayed and 100% eco berries & (citrus)fruits as well as dried spices. We ALWAYS recommend dried Spices from MILL & MORTAR, which are packed with flavours and scents. You really shouldn't use the spices you got from your mom, when moving to your own place and then stored in the back of the cabinet ever since. They will not add anything usefull to your drink - worst case they will even make it worse.

Garnish with a few dried junipers and a slice of lemon zest, which you make with a sharp knife or a citruspeeler. If you use a peeler, then hold both the fruit and the peeler over the glass, when making the slice. This way, you make the most of the essential oils from the zest of the fruit, land on top of the glass. If you want to give the drink even more flavour, then twist the zest while holding it over the glass, to release even more oils - and the run the zest over the rim of the glass to rub of the oils on the rim, before dropping it in the glass. You will be surprised about the vast effect this will have on your drink.

A small tip: Don't overdo it with the garnish - at least not to begin with. Better using a few things, so that the Gin & Tonic still stands out. You can always add more if required, while it is often difficult (read: impossible) to get the taste out again, if you have used to much to begin with :)


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