SyvSindGin is a real traditional Gin, honoring the traditional botanicals, with juniper, citrus, cardamom and coriander seeds in the absolute front of the line.

However - this Gin is taken to the next level, with a clear and crispiness, you find very rarely in modern Gins.

The first thing that hits you, is the vast volume of juniper - both in the nose, and on the tongue. However - the citrus is balancing everything perfectly, making this a very crisp and lovely sip.

Everything is made 100% organicly and we LOVE the fact, that the distillers have chosen NOT to chill filter the final destillate, but instead leave the fat and flavourful oils in the Gin, for the drinker to enjoy.

This means, that when chilling the Gin, or diluting with water and/or Tonic, it will turn a bit cloudy, which is perfectly fine and absolutely normal.

Enjoy with a premium Indian Tonic, such as Fever-Tree or Franklin & Sons, with a lemon zest in the glass.

If you enjoy the good ol' way of making Gin, using a solid portion of junipers as the base, you will never leave the bottle out of sight :)

A HUGE Gintossen favourite ❤️

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)

Angelika / Kvan

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