Woodhill Gin



Woodhill Gin is made by the Danish Gin-Entrepreneur Jeppe Skovdahl Juhl, who set out to create THE perfect Gin, to his taste.

However - as you might see on the picture above - it was not only the Gin itself, he wanted as perfect as possible, but also the presentation. And in our humble opinion, he sure did succeed in achieving both goals by a mile...!

One of the "secrets" behind the Gin, is the addition of especaially one ingredient, we don't see that often - if ever! And the ingredient is - Green Aspargus....!

This ingredient, along with lavender, pink pepper, orris root, angelica, lemon zest, coriander seeds, lemongrass and juniper, makes a perfectly balanced Gin which by the way, is distilled on the most amazing english wheat based alcohol.

This Gin is a sure WINNER!

Try using the Gin as base in a Martini, or go with one of the following suggestions, for a perfectly served Gin & Tonic:

5 cl Woodhill Gin
10-12 cl Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
1 tiny slice of lime zest


5 cl Woodhill Gin
10-12 cl Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic
A couple of red berries (strawberry, raspberry etc.)


Best Garnish for this Gin

Lime zest

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