ELG No. 1



Master Distiller Henrik Elsner creates all his Gins, from just 3 botanicals - juniper, coriander seeds and carrot. This might seem very plain and simple - but the result is as far from that, as you could possible imagine!

The ELG No. 1 is really amazing...! The very high content of junipers, makes the Gin opalescent when adding tonic. The oils from the junipers, simply reacts with the acidity from the tonic and coolness from the ice, and turns white - or as least cloudy depending on the amount of tonic you add.

The coriander seeds balances the junipers, and adding a almost citrus-like scent and taste to the Gin, and the carrot helps to smooth everything out.

Each component is destilled separately, and then blended in the end, making this a compund Gin. But this technique, makes the Master Distiller able to cut the destillate, at the exact right time for each of the 3 botanicals. This maximises the taste and aromas for the botanicals, making this a true powerhouse of a Gin you would not want to miss!

A HUGE Gintossen favourite ❤️

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest
Juniper berries - dried

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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