ELG No. 0



ELG GIN No. 0 was the first Gin, the Master Distiller Henrik Elsner made at all. However - both Henrik and the people around him, was not quite convinced at the time, that the timing for a launch of No. 0 was right back then, and therefore archived the recipe for a number of years.

However - mid 2018, the recipe was brought back to life, and being the first of all the Gins from Henrik Elsner, it was lauched as ELG GIN No. 0 on june 18, 2018.

And it is AMAZING....! Still based on just juniper, corriander and carrots - but so packed with flavour, that it is hard to believe its only 3 botanicals.

The No. 0 stands out, as a very, very crisp and sharp Gin, with clear citrus notes....! Say what? Citrus notes? Yes - citrus notes, from the high amount of coriander seeds in the Gin, which results in a clear and crisp citrus note.

This one, will turn into a modern classic, without a doubt and one of Gintossens ABSOLUTTE favourites!

Works FANTASTIC both as a Gin & Tonic, and as a Dry Martini.

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest
Juniper berries - dried

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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