Radius Lab Batch 5



This London Dry Gin is really doing something special....!

With botanicals like juniper, corriander and mustard seeds, green peper and star anise, you have the recipe for something, not many other distilleries have done before.

Besides the juniper and the always easy to recognise star anise, the botanicals are very subtle in this Gin. 

We very not able to recognise the mustard seeds or green peper added to the pot, but we really liked th discrete "zing"-feeling on the palates. Not spicy and nowhere near hot - just a little "zing" on the tongue.

This distillery does not walk in other distilleries footprints, or even on the same path - they make their own path and prints. And we LOVE that somebody is trying to push the boundaries!

We also recommend you drink this neat, but have however tested and found a couple of tonics, matching this Gin.

Best Tonics for this Gin

Britvic Indian Tonic

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)

Angelika / Kvan

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