Radius Lab Batch 21



Another fantastic Gin, by Master Distiller Kristian Larsen from Radius Lab Distillery.

It's no secret, that Gintossen is head over heals in love, with the gins produced by Danish Master Distiller Kristian Larsen, in Radius Lab Distillery.

The reason for this lovestory, is the fact that Kristian is not in this game, to copy everybody else. Instead he makes Gins, which comes from the bottom of his heart. And this is the reason, we see Gins fra Radius Lab, which have not been made before, or even close to being things we seen before - when it comes to selecting botanicals for the Gins.

With botanicals like smoked junipers and roasted coffee beans, Batch 21 is no exception. This is something different - but more or less - a genius combo and use of ingredients, as Kristian has made sure, the Gin is nowhere near a smokey Islay Whiskey or even a coffee liqueur. Instead the smoked junipers is very subtle and discrete, and the scent and taste of coffee, is equally held back as well as smooth and round in expression.

This - together with more traditional botanicals like lemon peel and angelica root - results in a beautiful and well balanced Gin, which we really really recommend. If Gintossen was grading the Gins we mention in this catalog, this Gin would rate as close to the top mark, as we could come.

This is outstanding craftmanship!

Best Tonics for this Gin

Fever Tree Indian Tonic

Best Garnish for this Gin


(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)

Angelika / Kvan

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