GINEPRAIO GIN is a very interesting Gin, because it is a 100% certified biodynamic Gin, created from very local Toscan botanicals, all foraged from the same lot of land i Toscany, while the wheat for the basealcoholis harvested in Mugello, close to Firenze in Toscany as well. But it gets even better, as every botanical and ingredient used in the Gin, is 100% certified traceable - which is very rare with spirits and alcohol these days.

It goes without saying, that this is a very small batch production, created by Levante Spirits with Enzo Brini as the primary driver behind this project.

The Gin is everything you get from Tuscany, in a bottle. The love, affection and Tuscan soul as well as climate, all come together in this 500ml Gin - and we LOVE it!

It'a a London Dry Gin, where the junipers are so aromatic and delicious, that you easily have doubts if this is actually junipers at all. But slowly they start coming out together with the angelica, very light notes from the lemon- and sweet orange zest, corriander and notes from the rosepetals, which are the primary botanicals of this Gin. But there is also something else, which we had never experienced in Gins, before this one - and thats a note from the flower from the curry plant. Its a note, present in the back or behind al other botanicals, with absolute no domination - but more like an separate dimension. There is no scent or taste of curry, which we think is a cadeau to the Master Distiller on the distillery Deta in Barberino Val D'Elsa, where the Gin was distilled.

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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