Premium Dry Gin



On the Danish island Bornholm, a guy named Martin Kofoed decided to create a small crafts distillery, called Østersøens Brænderi or Bornholms Distillery.

The very first Gin released from the distillery, is called Premium Dry Gin. Rarely have a name made so much sense, as the case is with this Gin - as this is truely a Premium product....!!!

Made from botanicals like heather, raspberry leaves and sea buckthorn and ofcourse junipers, Martin and his pot still "Lilly", have crafted a crisp and at the same time, powerfull beauty of a London Dry Gin. The junipers stands out, but in a way which leaves plenty of room for the sea buckthorn and heather as well.

We love this Gin, and with a "soft" Indian Tonic like Franklin and Sons Indian, and a quarter of a lemon wheel, you get a fantastisk Gin & Tonic, you can drink again and again and again...!

Martin - we salute you, and hope you will continue the quest to explore and craft many more products like this!

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