Geranium Gin



Geranium Gin is a danish developed gin, made by Henrik Hammer, which is also the father of multiple other gins on the market. The fact that this Gin is being distilled on the Distillery of Langley in Birmingham, and bottled on Thames Distillery in London, is not gonna keep us from referring to Geranium Gin, as a pecfectly Danish Gin.

The Gin has takes its name, from the Geranium plant, which is one of the main botanicals in the gin, together with the more commonly known such as junipers, orrisroot, lemonzest, orangezest, corriander seeds, cassiabark, liquirishroot and finally angelica.

But - its the Geranium plant and the perfectly fine balance between the many botanicals, which is making this gin something special - and notably something uncomparable to any other Gins. 

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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