SiWu Gin



SiWu Gin is a rarely sympatic project, as this Gin is made 100% organic, from scratch....! And by scratch, we really mean from scratch....!

The 2 former Michelin chefs Nicolai Sivgaard & Jonas Wulff, decided to go all in, when they created the distillery.

Where many distilleries these days, buy their base alcohol around the world, these guys are doing it oldschool. This means, that first they ferment and then destill their own mash, to create the base alcohol. And then the actual Gin destillation takes place, in a small copper pot still.

Oh - one more thing....! Being chefs, these guys are all about flavour! So when making the base destillate, they decided to use malted barley, for the mash. This gives the Gin a very special - but really nice - note as well as taste.

The botanicals in the Gin, are juniper, coriander seed, galanga, rosemary, lemon zest and orange zest. They all complement each other fantasticly, but the most prominent ones are the rosemary and the galanga together with the orange zest. 

This is definately not a Gin, as you find them in your everyday supermarket. This is the very essense of craftsmanship, and deserves all the respect and succes, in the world!

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest
Orange (zest)

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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