Skin Gin



From a Danish perspective, the Skin Gin is a very interesting gin as Skin Gin is founded and created by the Dane, Martin Birk Jensen – but made in Germany. Even if you are not a Dane, you should definitely take a very good look at this gin! Martin wanted to create a different tasting German gin that he thought tasted very similar. Together with Nordik Edelbrennerei Distillery, that is situated in one of the largest fruit-growing regions in Germany, they started to look for botanicals locally to add to their new gin. The result was a gin that is less herbal and more aromatic. This is done by using 4 different citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit) together with juniper, coriander and mint. The coriander is imported from Vietnam and the mint is imported from Morocco as these countries are both known for producing these botanicals with huge flavors.

The smell is like an explosion of pink grapefruit, orange and mint. The taste gives the same explosion of fresh citrus, mint and some coriander. The juniper is there but it is more hidden in the background. We simply love this gin in a Gin and Tonic but some “old school GT enthusiasts” may argue that this gin is more for cocktails. Together with a rosemary twig, a squeezed orange peel and probably an Indian Tonic to balance the acidity so it doesn’t get too sweet if a Mediterranean Tonic is used. But play with is – you will have a GT like no other!

PS: Skin Gin produces the 2 types of gin: the regular gin and a cask edition that has matured in casks for 12 month. Note that the regular one comes in many colors/editions (Christmas Red / Ladies Edition / Beginners Edition etc.) but it is the same gin inside. You can even design your own skin to the bottle but then we hope you like the gin because the minimum order is 108 bottles!

Best Garnish for this Gin

Orange (zest)

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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