Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin



Watch out – the Aussies are coming… and we can only welcome them with a big “G’day mate”. Four Pillars is one of the gins you simply have to try! With the use of many local botanicals and botanicals from abroad you are in for a treat – the ingenuity behind the mixes are simply sublime! The same ingenuity was used when the boys behind Four Pillars started the business in 2012: In order to raise money they had to use crowdfunding through a local kickstarter website. They asked for 10.000 AUD but got 30.000 AUD… and the rest is history – today it is a booming business with export to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom.. and Denmark! Doing more than 2 million AUD in revenue a year we are not the only one that think they are doing something right!

The result is both a perfect, classic gin but also something new: It is a bit spicy but with a fantastic citrus flavor. Four Pillars uses whole local oranges in the making, which supports the spicier botanicals like cardamom. Cinnamon and star anise adds to the fruitcake tones and the Tasmanian pepper adds to the heat. Lemon myrtle are used instead of lemon peel.

Hope to see you Down Under…

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