Herbie Gin Export



Herbie Export Gin is a sister to the original Herbie Gin, which was primarily made for the american market, who are not as great fans of the liquorice as us danes - which was the trademark of the original Herbie Gin.

However - we think there will a lot of Gin and Herbie-fans, who would also appreciate the new "adjusted version", which has now also been released on the Danish market.

It's a completely new experience, and one of the really nice ones! Besides junipers, also fennel seeds, orange zest, camomille and a just tiny bit of liquorice root has been used.

A nice Indian Tonic and a small orange twist, works really well with this Gin.

Where the original Gin made a great Gin & Tonic, the Export version is also extremely nice in both cocktails, negronis and much more - we are BIG fans of Herbie Export Gin ❤️

Best Garnish for this Gin

Orange (zest)

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