Beefeater Gin

United Kingdom


Allow us to share a little secret with you, which might be a bit of surprise.

We LOVE Beefeater Gin....! And the reason is very simple - it's a really good Gin, especially for the price it's being sold!

And before you start sending us emails, letting us know that the small batch Gins are all handcrafted, and made with love and carefully selected botanicals, then let us say this:

SO IS BEEFEATER GIN..... :) Actually - we know of NO other distillery, small batch or not, which carefully select their juniper for each years Gin, among 200+ samples of junipers, before picking the juniper they use! Do you?

And despite the fact, that Beefeater makes millions of liters of Gin, they are actually only 5 people handling the entire destillation - and NO automation involved. Everything is done by human hands, except pouring the Gin in bottles.

But all of this, would not matter any bit, if the Gin was not as good, as it (in our humble opinion) actually is. This is one of our favourite Gins, in the "Classic Gin" category - period...!

Best Garnish for this Gin

Orange (zest)

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)

Angelika / Kvan

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