Jinzu is East meets West in a bottle – it is gin and sake combines in one! Designed by bartender Dee Davis and created in cooperation with Tanqueray distiller Tom Nichol they came up with a very unusual gin. The two components are made separately – the gin is made from typical botanicals like juniper, angelica and coriander and then added the more unusual botanicals like cherry blossom and juzu citrus fruit – the sake is Junmai which tense to be full bodied with a pronounced earthiness and rice influenced flavors! The two types of alcohol is united and the alcohol level is brought down to 41,3% using deminiralised Scottish water as this gin is made at Diageo’s Cameronbridge Destillery in Scotland. (Diageo is one of the largest producers of spirits with labels like Tanqueray, Gordon’s Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and many other)

The result is a different gin. It is of cause a gin with its taste of juniper and coriander but the taste of sake is still very distinct. A slice of apple and an indian tonic together with the Jinzu works perfectly as a Gin & Tonic as all of them underlines the crispiness of the drink.

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lime zest
Orange (zest)

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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