Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba



Having gone all-in on herbs and spices, here is a Gin which is not like any other. And you will immidiately discover this, when you uncap it and meet the fragrances, coming up from the bottle.

Your first thought will probably be juniper and pepper, followed by orange, ginger and liquorice, as these are all among the botanicals used to create this beauty.

The complete list of botanicals mentioned by the destillers, are:

  • juniper,
  • coriander seeds,
  • malted barley,
  • licorice root,
  • angelica root,
  • orris root,
  • lemon peel,
  • sweet orange peel,
  • bitter orange peel,
  • orange blossom,
  • ginger rhizome,
  • green cardamom,
  • cubeb pepper,
  • lavender,
  • hops

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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