Elephant Gin



If you want to treat yourself  AND help elephants in need, Elephant Gin is the thing for you!!! This is charity in a liquid form. 15% of the surplus from selling Elephant Gin goes to 2 organizations: “Big Life Foundation” that focuses on elimination of poaching and “Space for Elephants Foundation” that focuses on giving elephants some of its original space back to them. So far Elephant Gin has donated more than € 250.000,00 to these organizations.

Not only is it a good cause – the gin itself is a wonderful German gin, produced near Hamburg. But just because it is produced in Germany it does not mean that it is a traditional German gin. The London Dry Gin is made of 14 botanicals that combine rare African ingredients such as baobab fruit, buchu plant, African wormwood lion’s tail and devil’s claw with more traditional gin ingredients like juniper, cassia bark and orange peel and in the end mixed with fresh apples.

The result is a “fat and creamy” gin with a lot of power. Its 45% alcohol and its strong taste of juniper screams for a tonic that can handle the power – e.g. Fever-Tree Indian Tonic or Fentiman’s Tonic. Garnish the Gin & Tonic with a slice of fresh apple or ginger and you can think of the good thing this GT is doing to you and the elephants. 

Best Garnish for this Gin


(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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