Anholt Gin



This Gin is a locally produced product, from the small island Anholt in Kattegat. The Gin is made by Thøger Dixgaard and Jakob Kjærgaard, from a wish of creating a true Gin, without all the fuss. And that exactly what they have done....!

By handpicking and using fresh junipers from the small "desert" on the island, they have produced a very distinct and vibrant aroma from the juniper, in the product. And instead of adding a lot of other notes, they let the juniper form the characteristics of the Gin - they call it "Less crap, More Gin", which we LOVE....!!!

Using the very clean water from the island, the Gin stands out from the crowd, as a soft and gentle Gin - not a brute bomb of junipers, as you might expect from a Gin, based on so few ingredienses.

This also means, you can drink this Gin neat, or by using a relatively large variety of different tonics. We have chosen en few favourittes below - but don't hold back from trying other as well, if you have different tonics in stock.

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest
Lime zest

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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