The Botanist


The Botanist Gin is a small batch gin, hand crafted on the isle of Islay in Scotland. The rough nature is of cause incorporated in the gin’s DNA with its use of 22 local botanicals - as they write on their homepage: “hand-picked by our expert foraging team from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of this Hebridean island of Islay”. You can almost feel the strong, cold wind on your face!

It is these botanicals harvested by local botanists that give the gin its name “The Botanist Gin”. Combines with more traditionally botanicals like cassia bark and coriander seed, the result is a wonderful mellow and rich gin – you might even call is a little creamy – with a zesty, floral taste and not that strong on the juniper side.

It is a perfect gin for a great Gin & Tonic – it will not let you down!

Best Garnish for this Gin

Lemon zest

(Some) known ingredients in this Gin (in Danish)


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