Gin & Tonic tasting or workshop

Do you and your company or group (min. 15 persons) want to host a Gintasting with Gin & Tonic as the main topic? Then contact Gintossen to help you set it up!

We host tastings for enthusiasts, office parties, customer- or salesmeetings, clubs, birthdays and much more.

We can arrange the tasting after your wishes and requirements, but as a startingpoint it could be as described underneath:

  • We come to you - either in your home or in your company, bringing all glasses, gins, tonics, garnish, ice etc.
  • We make 5 servings of different Gin & Tonics, with a perfect match between Gin, Tonic and Garnish.
  • We will be talking about the history of Gin, how to make Gin, the history of tonic, how to match Gin with the perfect tonic and how to create the perfect serves and selecting the right garnish.
  • If we have access to a projector and screen/wall, that would be perfect for us to show a few slides along the way.
  • Suggested time for a session as described: 2 - 2½ hour.

If you want more servings, more time and/or more talk, we can easily adjust the sessions accordingly. Usually the above is perfect, but might not suit your needs. Also if you have specific wishes to the Gins we serve, we can probably accomodate this as well. And we can do the session in either Danish or English.

The final price, depends on specific wishes, requirements and transport. But a session as described above held in the Copenhagen area, we would normally be able to host for DKK 240,- ex. moms (DKK 300,- incl. moms) per. person for minimum 15 persons.

If you wish to hold the tasting at a distillery, we also have the opportunity to host a session for up to 30 persons, at Stone Grange Distillery in Fredensborg. This distillery, is the distilery behind the amazing ELG Gin, which would then be the Gin of choice for the session.

Tell us a bit, about your wishes for the tasting

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Friends of GINTOSSEN

GINTOSSEN is working close, with many fantastic partners, writters, bloggers & destillers.

And on this page, we would like to mention a few of those we think you should check out, because they really deserves the extra attention.


Mad & Monopolet is a site run by the fabulous Mads Schytte, also know as alias "Familiefaren" meaning "Family man".  Maybe you have heard this name before? Then it might be because you have been following Mads, and his delicious recipes, when he was one of the guys behind Gastromand.

Mads have now created his very own fooduniverse, which is packed with goodies from the world of gastronomy, as well as Gin and other spirits. 

GINTOSSEN benefits hugely from this project, as Mads now writes about Gin paired with foods for GINTOSSEN, as well as we write about Gin & Tonics for madogmonopolet.dk.



Mill & Mortar makes amazing spices, both smelling and tasting fantastic, as well as being produced sustainable and they are really well suited for Gin & Tonics as well as other drinks....!

So if you need an alternative to the fresh citrus- or orangepeel, or mayby just wants to up the game a bit by adding aromatic junipers or spices to you drink, we would without any hesitation, recommend you to use the products from Mill & Mortar.

For instance, Mill & Mortar have created these really nice looking "books" with garnish, which look great on the bookshelf, and at the same time contains everything you need to spice up your Gin & Tonic.

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